Oral health is an essential part of the overall physical health. When oral hygiene is poor, the overall body resistance could decline and the risk of getting various diseases could increase. Regular dental care and routine clinical check-ups are essential to protect oral health in the long term. Professional tooth cleaning and cavity controls will result in early detection and prevention of the possible problems. 


  • Professional Tooth Cleaning and General Check-Up :

While brushing teeth twice every day is essential for oral care, it is not adequate in the long term. Daily brushing will keep formation of tartar at the minimum but will not fully avoid it. It is essential to have an oral exam regularly, (preferably every 6 months) and a professional cleaning where tartar and the plague of bacteria is fully removed from the mouth. If this is negleted, periodontal diseases can develop and could result in the loss of teeth.    

  • Cavity Fillings

Aesthetic (tooth colored) fillings : composite fillings (acrylic material) and porcelain fillings. We, no longer utilise amalgam and metal alloy fillings in our clinics. 

  • Prosthodontics (Partial  / Total Dentures)

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth as well as gums and other tissue! The main component of dentures is acrylic resin molded over the top of various combinations and paterns of metal.

  • Porcelain Crowns / Bridges
  • ​Tooth Extractions (Simple / Complicated / Sub-eracted Wisdom Teeth)